Walk the Dog will take care of your pet's needs while you're away-at work or on vacation. Walk the Dog is highly recommended by veterinarians and clients. We offer thorough and reliable service, year-round. Plus, we're staffed with professional and caring pet sitters and dog walkers.
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Molly graduated from Goucher College with a degree in both Philosophy & Art History. She now spends her days (assisted by her trusted & furry sidekick, Wyatt) strolling with the pups along the streets of Baltimore discussing Heideggerian concepts of temporal being. What is the best part of her job? Being greeted every day with kisses, tail wags & purrs..

Service Area:
Fells Point
Little Italy
Harbor East
Butcher's Hill
Patterson Park
Brewer's Hill
Washington Hill
Kelly is originally from the Baltimore area, but moved around quite a bit before settling in Baltimore. She graduated from Loyola College in 1999. She enjoys traveling, being outside, fresh air, and animals, especially her own dogs Maevis and Rambo!

Service Area:

Charles Village
MT. Washington
Roland Park
Original Northwood
Julie graduated from Towson University as an art major and then went on to get her MFA at MICA. She now spends most of her days walking the streets of Baltimore. She is always armed with a dog, whether it is Boo Radley or Polly (her dogs) or somebody else's dog. When she is not on the job she spends the rest of her time drawing or working on her installations.

Service Area:

Federal Hill
Locust Point
Ridgely's Delight

-Independant Contractors-
Ryan Jedlicka
ryan is a 28year old artist living in Bolton Hill. While presently not owning a dog of his own, he grew up with them and gets his doggie-fix by walking dogs in federal hill. He’s a fan of the big dogs but a few half-pints have won him over now and again. his long strides give your pooch “more walk per buck.” Ryan has his BS in art education and plans to secure his masters in painting. He loves playing fetch and prefers the intense heat to slippery sidewalks.

April Danielle Lewis was born in Japan and has lived in Germany, Panama and Maryland. If you ask her where she's from she'd most likely tell you nowhere, but lately she's been starting to say from here. She has a nine-year-old daughter named mecca that occasionally hangs out with the pups and helps her out with walks. They make one fierce dog walking machine! When april's not being dragged all over the city by dogs, you can find her in school at towson, where she is currently earning a degree in art, or in her studio space working like a madwoman. She has been known to entertain herself and the dogs my making up songs about them and singing (terribly) out loud just cuz they seem to love it. John Benoit
He has 2 dogs of his own. Lola and Charlie. And a cat named Murphy. They are very patient as he is often away from his house enjoying the company of your beloved pets. When he is not walking dogs he is very busy and currently very active in the DC / Baltimore theatre scene. Be sure to see him this summer in an upcoming production of 12th Night at the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival.
loves loves loves dogs. she has been working with dogs for years and years. from doggie day care to dog walker. she is in the midst of schooling to be a vet tech. she has 2 dogs of her own. gunther the basset hound. and ophelia the german shepard. she also just found a home for her foster dog.
Debra grew up in Chicago, where she always had a rescue mutt for a family dog. In 1999, she earned a B.S. in Leisure Studies from the University of Illinois. After working a variety of non-profit professional and service industry jobs in Chicago, San Francisco, Florida and Baltimore, she ultimately began dogwalking in 2007. Debra loves her new career, working outdoors and serving your furry companions, especially when assisted by 3-year-old Gibson. She lives in Hampden and enjoys cooking, baking, rollerskating and traveling. Sarah Palaia is 28 years old and from Westminster MD. She loves dogs so much, that she commutes to be greeted with wagging tails and smiling faces all day! She has an education degree but it turns out most dogs are better behaved than kids! She also refs lacrosse and field hockey in her free time. Julia Stone
Born and raised with an excess of vitamin D in the suburbs of sunny Orlando, Florida, Julia recieved her BFA in Fiber from the Maryland Institute College of Art in May of 2010 and has been living in Baltimore ever since. She loves dogs, holidays, books, eating and learning about the Civil War. Every day she gets to run around with either our client's pups or her little baby boxer, Bazooka.
Lisa Krause
I grew up in Illinois on a farm with all kinds of animals. While we had many kinds of dogs, we raised collies and cocker spaniels. As a child, I helped train and "puppy-tame"!
I moved to Baltimore after getting a BA in Sculpture and Psychology at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. I have been with Walk The Dog since February 2009 and am enjoying exploring the city and the woods, and making new friends -both 2 and 4 legged! I often am seen running around with my poochie buddies in Roland Park where we find interesting treasures on our adventures. I use those things in my artwork. When I'm not with my pups, I'm working in my studio, gardening, traveling, or trying to explain to our cat, Rufus, where I've been all day!
Janine grew up in Baltimore and spent time in New York and Philadelphia before returning to Baltimore for good. Somewhere in there she graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Russian language and literature. She likes reading and academia and all that, but she is beyond happy to have finally returned to her earliest passion - dogs! She has been dog-obsessed from a young age and even subscribed to Dog Fancy Magazine as a little girl, although her family did not own a dog. After pining for years and years she finally adopted a dog of her own who she adores and just recently got a kitten too!! Jordana has been walking dogs professionally since August 2009. She is happily married and sometimes practices her animal training skills on her husband. She also volunteers at the National Aquarium working with dolphins and narrating dolphin shows. Jordana holds a degree in Psychology and her future plans include expanding her education in animal behavior. Jordana is fluent in German and loves to travel with her husband. They have a dog named "Oliver" and a love bird named "Tweetie". Joseph Martin represents as Zim ZIm's Resident Cat Person to avoid reprisals from his crazy kitty Flannel; secretly, though, he's all about the dogs. He arrived in Baltimore via NYC (and, before that, Illinois) to grab a creative writing MFA at Johns Hopkins - he still spends his weekends assembling a novel, natch - but was compelled to stay by the city's vibrant dog and arts scenes. When not wrangling leashes and staring at blank pages in Word, he also works as Musical Director for the Parallel Octave, plays drums in the occasional band, and tries to devise scenarios where his landlord would let him own a dog. Caroline Gundel: Caroline graduated from Niagara University in 2008 with a BS in Mathematics and a Theatre minor. After graduating she moved back to Baltimore, where she is currently pursuing a MS in Applied Mathematics with a focus in Statistics / Geography from Towson University. The parts of her days that are not spent on school work and research are spent doing things that she loves; hanging out with lots of doggies, including her new puppy Boone, bartending at CenterStage, enjoying all things Harry Potter related, as well as watching old movie musicals and Friends Re-runs.
Colby Dennis: Originally from Baltimore, Colby spent his late teens/early twenties Traveling the East Coast and Mid West exploring the many roles & opportunites within the music industry. When he's not hanging out with his canine & feline pals at work, he enjoys collecting, listening to, &writing about music, cooking elaborate vegan meals, and watching Lost with his husky pup Boone.
Colby has also launched his own Pet Concierge Service. Leader of the Pack provides a wide range of services focused on the needs of pet owners in the Baltimore area. Contact Leader of the Pack for more information and a free consultation! 410/870.PACK (7225) or via email or web.
Sara relocated to Baltimore in the summer of 2012 after graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in photography. Sara has two pups of her own, Lily and Kona, with whom she can frequently be seen exploring the streets of her new neighborhood. In addition to all things animal, she enjoys cooking, camping, traveling, and the outdoors. When not spending time with her canine companions Sara does freelance photo retouching and makes art. So far, she been incredibly successful and happy in Baltimore and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Alex Ebstein is an artist, writer, curator and cat-owner. She moved to Baltimore in 2003 to attend Goucher College, where she majored in studio art. After graduating In 2007, she briefly moved to New York, working for TV Guide and Conde Nast, but returned to Baltimore to pursue her art career. In addition to dog walking, Alex is a freelance arts writer for the City Paper and New American Paintings Blog, and founded and co-directs Nudashank, a contemporary art gallery in the H&H arts building downtown. Jordan Epstein has been with Walk The Dog a couple of years now. Jordan has spent most of his life in Baltimore. He spends his work days with handfuls of dogs walking the streets of Federal Hill. He spends a great deal of time traveling the world and skateboarding. His travels do not allow him
to have a dog of his own...so he looooves to spend time with other peoples pets.
John Zimmerman has been with Walk The Dog for a couple of years now. You can often find him with a small army of dogs roaming the streets of South Baltimore. John grew up in Maryland and graduated from UMBC a Photography major. When he is not walking dogs you might find him behind his camera. Ashley Woodall has been with Walk The Dog for about 5 years now. You can find her strolling the streets of Federal Hill with many a dog in tow. Her little pit mix Ginga is often hard at work with Ashley. When Ashley is not walking dogs or traveling you can probably find her on her motorcycle, her bicycle, and even behind her camera. Julie Pahr Monday-Friday you will find her walking a pack of doggy friends. She has a BA in art from UMBC. On her time off she will be with her dog Remington and 2 cats Micarelli and Oliver (aka Oli Bun Bun) making art, cooking gluten free food, spending time with friends and listening to music. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Danielle moved to Baltimore in 2006 to attend MICA. Since graduation she has continued to enjoy living and working here in Baltimore. When she's not walking around the Mt Washington or Roland Park area with her dog friends, Danielle enjoys the local music and art scene, traveling, and watching films. Though she grew up as a dog lover, Danielle currently has an adorable boy kitten, named Fellini.
Megan is a native Hoosier who has ditched Los Angeles for Baltimore exactly two times. She's happy to be back in the greatest city in America and is convinced that it won't be much longer before she knows every dog in North Baltimore by name. With degrees in English and Art History, she spends most of her free time reading and writing, re-reading and re-writing. She lives with her goofy dog, Scout, and their mutual adoration is sickening. Besides several years of going to college for Art in New York City, Eamon has spent most of his days living in Baltimore. In that time he's had some special canines in the family. Most notably his old friend Merlin, a Husky/Collie mix. Currently the only pet he lives with is a cat, Rufus, who prefers being the sole four-legged creature of the house. When not enjoying the outdoors with dogs, Eamon's interests include drawing, hiking, natural building and playing the baritone ukulele. Someday he would like to get a German Shepherd. And maybe a couple of goats, too. In the meantime he's content hanging out with the many dogs that he's around each day.